How to uninstall Shopify Made Easy?

Here is a walkthrough to uninstall the Shopify Made Easy connector app.

Step 1: First, you have to change the status of order from Activated to Draft.

Figure- 1

Step 2: Delete all Draft orders and Orders created by this app

  • As you are looking to uninstall the app, first you will need to delete all the Draft orders and Orders from Salesforce.

  • To do this, log into your Salesforce org and go to the Developer Console as shown in figure 1.
Figure- 2

Once on the console, Click on Debug and then click on  Open Execute Anonymous Window.

Figure - 3

Now, Copy this script-database.delete ([select ID from Order where HIC_ShopifySync__Shopify_Id__c !=null limit 8000], false); and paste on the console.

Figure 4

Next, select this script-database.delete ([select ID from Order where HIC_ShopifySync__Shopify_Id__c !=null limit 8000], false); and click on Execute Highlighted. 

Figure 5

After clicking on Execute Highlighted, the script will start running and on the completion of the script, orders and draft orders will be deleted from Salesforce.

Step 3: Empty the recycle bin

After all your orders and draft orders are deleted, go to the recycle bin to clear all records from recycle bin.

Go to the App Launcher and Search Recycle Bin in the search box. Then Click on Recycle Bin.

Figure - 6

Here on the Recycle bin page, Click on Empty Org Recycle Bin. A pop up screen will show up will  and on that pop up, click on Empty.

Figure -7

Your recycle bin is now emptied.

Step 4: Uninstall the package

  • After vacating the recycle bin, go to the Setup
Figure- 8
  • Now, Search Installed Packages in the Quick Find search box. Click on Installed packages.
Figure - 9
  • Click on Uninstall at the right of the package.
Figure - 10
  • Now, scroll down to the bottom and select-Do not save a copy of this package’s data after uninstall.
Figure 11
  • Here,  another pop-up screen will appear, and on that popup, click on OK. And then tick on this checkbox-Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components.
Figure 12
  • And lastly, Click on Uninstall.
Figure -13

On refreshing the page, you should see there are no installed packages and the Shopify made easy app is uninstalled.

Figure -14

We hope the article helps! Thank you for reading. 

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