How to Retrieve the Shopify Access Token?

After logging into with your store credentials, you should be on the homepage of your store. From the same page, Go to Apps. See Figure 1 for your reference.

Figure - 1

You should be now on the Apps page. Scroll down and click on “Develop apps for your store”. Check Figure 2 for reference.

Figure - 2

You should be on the App Development page. Now click on “Allow Custom app Development” See figure 3 for reference

Figure - 3

On the next page, again click on ‘Allow Custom App Development’. Refer Figure 4

Figure - 4

Once on the App Development page, click on “Create an App” as shown in figure 5

Figure - 5

On the next page, you will need to name the app. The app developer’s email address is populated by default. Fill in the app’s name and click on “Create App”. Refer Figure 6

Figure - 6

After the app is created, it is time to configure the app. Click on Configuration and go to Admin API Integration and click on “Configure” on the right side of the tab. Figure 7 demonstrates the steps.

Figure - 7

On the API Admin Integration page, get access to store data with the Admin API. You can select the scopes that your app needs. However, these mandatory scopes must be given access for the proper functioning of the app.

  • Customers
  • Location
  • Inventory
  • Draft Order
  • Product
  • Order

Drag down the slide bar to view the access scopes and tick on both Read and Write checkbox as shown in Figure 8

Figure - 8

Scroll down and then click on ‘Save’. Figure 9

Figure - 9

After you have saved your app configuration, Scroll up and Go to API Credentials. To access your API access token, you will need to install the app. Click on “Install app”. You may click on any of the install app buttons as displayed in Figure 10

Figure - 10

Once the confirmation window appears, click on Install to complete the app installation as shown in Figure 11

Figure - 11

After the app is installed, you can view your Admin Shopify Access Token.

Please note that the Shopify access Token key can be viewed only once after revealing the token. Ensure to copy the Token key and save it in a secure place for later use.

To retrieve the Shopify Admin API Access Token, Click on ‘Reveal Token Once’. See figure 12

Figure - 12

We hope this helps! Thanks for reading.

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