Are you about to sync Shopify draft orders to the Sfdc sales pipeline for direct sales team management and stage advancement?

Yes, our App sync draft orders to sfdc orders. Our app syncs almost all Shopify objects(Customers, Products, Orders, Locations, Inventories, Inventory Levels, Variants, Collections, Smart Collections, Draft Orders, etc.) to Salesforce Objects. If you want it to map with other standard and custom Salesforce objects, then we can achieve it by creating an automation in your org, which will not come under this app feature. Please find the app object mapping below:

Shopify Objects  

  • Customers
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Locations 
  • Inventories  
  • Inventory Levels
  • Variants          
  • Collections  
  • Smart Collections         
  • Draft Orders          

Salesforce Objects

  • Account & Contact/Person Account
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Locations(custom object)
  • Inventory(custom object)
  • Inventory Level(custom object)
  • Variant (custom object)
  • Collection(custom object)
  • Collection(custom object)
  • Orders

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