The long syncing process can be attributed to multiple reasons, such as expiration of Shopify token, exceeding storage limit, etc. To identify the exact issue and resolve it, please reach out to our Support team.

We offer different support plans. Please refer to our pricing page to see our plans and the corresponding prices.

Yes, Shopify Made Easy app utilizes the REST API which follows PCI-compliant security standards. Moreover, the app also uses sha-1 encryption in order to not reveal the access token.

Please follow the below steps to disable Shopify Made Easy integration in your Sandbox -
  • Click on 'Having more than one store' at the right top corner of the configuration page.
  • Click on the Remove icon corresponding to the Store.

Yes, custom mapping is possible with our App however you won't be able to do it by yourself. Please connect with customer support.

You are receiving the error message because you have previous business accounts in Salesforce for Shopify customers and now you have changed the mapping to Person Account.

As a result, Salesforce can't update Business Accounts to Person Accounts through API.

You can solve this issue either by deleting those business accounts of Shopify Customers in Salesforce or changing Record-Type by clicking the button on those records.

This error typically happens in Sandbox. Because of the limited resource allocation in Sandbox, when bulk records hitting Sandbox exceed that limitation, the webhook failure error is generated from Shopify’s end. Sometimes this issue occurs in Production as well when a large batch hits or there is a high number of requests or automation in Production.

To handle this issue, Our connector app periodically checks and repairs webhooks using a scheduled Batch. If any record is deleted, our app recreates them to ensure error-free synchronization.

We can map Order and Draft Order with different record-type at the record type mapping page and can develop an automation at the Salesforce side to update the status of Order.

Yes, we can do this for you in your org using Support access.

Yes, but it will need additional automation.

The app is free, but the Support is paid for guidance or additional functions.

No, there is no limit on transactions.

The user is the one who configured the app.

No, our app does not support refunds but we can custom build it for you.

Please choose a different record type for order and draft order at step 5 on the configuration page.

Yes, Guest Orders can be associated with Person accounts.

Yes, the customer sync feature in our app supports Person accounts.

Yes, our app supports multiple currencies.

No, there is no limit for real-time syncing.

It seems you don’t have the Person account enabled in your org. Please check the Error Messages tab which contains the reason why the contact failed to get created. There is a possibility that some trigger or process failed in your org. You will find the issue on the Error Messages tab.

There is no direct Tax rate field mapping available but we can do it for you separately.

Yes, in our current version of the app line items get deleted and then recreated to prevent duplicate records. We are working on modifying this feature in our next version.

Yes, our app updates data in real-time. You should be able to see your records like your customer email id immediately after updating them in the app.

This error shows up only when you enter any wrong credential such as your API Store Url, API Key, or Private Password in Step 2 of the Salesforce Shopify Sync Settings webpage.

Yes, we can do this by disabling the corresponding object toggle buttons on the Configuration

Yes, You can have your Shopify accounts synced into one wholesale account in Salesforce through our app.

Yes, our app supports multiple languages.

“One or more of your apps have made deprecated API calls in the last 30 days. Support for this version will be removed on April 1, 2022. Please update the apps listed below to API version 2021-07 or later to ensure they continue to function correctly.

Yes, We have a dedicated team of Service Experts to resolve any issue related to the app. We offer full assistance in the installation process.

Also, we upgrade and introduce new features in our app from time to time for the smooth functioning of the app.

No, We do not charge any fee for any functionality built into the app. It is free for all users.

Yes, our App sync draft orders to sfdc orders. Our app syncs almost all Shopify objects(Customers, Products, Orders, Locations, Inventories, Inventory Levels, Variants, Collections, Smart Collections, Draft Orders, etc.) to Salesforce Objects. If you want it to map with other standard and custom Salesforce objects, then we can achieve it by creating an automation in your org, which will not come under this app feature. Please find the app object mapping below:

Shopify Objects
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Locations
  • Inventories
  • Inventory Levels
  • Variants
  • Collections
  • Smart Collections
  • Draft Orders
Salesforce Objects
  • Account & Contact/Person Account
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Locations(custom object)
  • Inventory(custom object)
  • Inventory Level(custom object)
  • Variant (custom object)
  • Collection(custom object)
  • Collection(custom object)
  • Orders

Currently, our app supports single-store synchronization. However, our developers are working on multi-store synchronization, you can expect this feature to be available soon.

No, Shopify Made Easy app syncs the Shopify store with Salesforce, not vice-versa.